Our Story

My name is Steve Pass, and I married Cotton Jack's daughter in 1974.

I grilled three or four times a week and I would get the sauce he made; it was great on just about everything.

I was told when he gave me the bottle, I had to bring the empty one back or I couldn't have anymore.

I used a lot of the sauce so I was always going back for more. One day he looks at me and say's: "Pass you SOB, are you drinking the stuff?" I said "no we just grill a lot.." I asked him for the recipe saying if I had the recipe I could make my own and I wouldn't have to bother him, he stops dead in his tracks looks at me and says "Pass, I don't even like you why would I give you that recipe?"

So, 20 years later I again asked for the recipe. I told him that I was here to stay, and he might as well give it to me. He says "alright come down to the farm and I'll teach you and Debbie how to make it."

Naturally I think he's going to hand me a piece of paper with the recipe written out, OH NO!!! that would be too easy. There were no cells phones at this time so I had to make a mental note of the ingredients laying on the counter.

Debbie and I went home knowing the ingredients, but not the quantities.. just the ingredients…

We waited about two years before we tried to make it. You see we have to make it in 6 gallon increments so we ruined about 18 gallons before I felt I had it taste as good as Jack's... maybe even better.

When we had finished the pot he and Sarah came over, I asked him what he thought. He says: "Pass you SOB I think this is better than mine" It made me happy that I had his seal of approval.

Debbie and I decided to share it with our friends and family but we had to have a name for this amazing BBQ sauce. Her Dad was a cotton Farmer and did a lot of cook outs for farmers and friends who would come from miles away to eat his food.

Hence the name Cotton Jack's BBQ Sauce.

Debbie and I wish you enjoy our BBQ Sauce as much as we do and if you purchased some, Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts.